high quality social research

We have a proven track record of undertaking a wide range of social and policy based research, as well as extensive experience of undertaking both quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

Our team has a proven successful track record in research and training relating to children, young people, and adults, policy and practice, families and communities, housing, community development, hard to reach people and groups, education, multi-agency working, and service users and service provision.

Our skills are combined with an extensive knowledge and experience of undertaking different quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques which ensure that the research outputs meet the research aims. We have extensive experience of undertaking focus groups, group interviews, one-to-one interviews, telephone interviews, evaluations, cost-benefit analysis, audits, market research, secondary analysis, statistical analysis and observational research.

We also develop our own social research tools and applications. For example, we have recently developed an application which helps agencies determine the support needs of families and the appropriate multi-agency response.

We have every confidence that our skills, expertise and knowledge will meet your research needs. We are particularly confident about our ability to meet all your requirements. If you were commissioned us to undertake research for you, you can be assured that you will get a report that is robust and reliable.

Importantly, all research we undertake is supported by the analysis of secondary data (including literature reviews). We are skilled and adept at ensuring that the most relevant findings from existing research are succinctly summarised.

As well as undertaking large-scale research, RRR Consultancy has extensive experience of undertaking smaller-scale research projects. Such research projects involved a short ‘turn-around’ period and close liaison with clients to ensure that the research aims were obtained in a swift and effective manner.

All of our research results in the delivery of a report, a leaflet which summarises key points, and a PowerPoint presentation. Through our associates, all of our written material can also be made available in a range of languages.